Airbus A350 XWB First Flight

Complete footage of the A350 XWB first flight.  

“Family flight” - Five A350 XWBs together in flight

The five test and development A350-900s took to the skies for a formation flight in September 2014, bringing together all of the aircraft used for Airbus’ successful campaign leading to certification of this latest Airbus widebody jetliner

A350-XWB extreme short landing

Airbus A350-941 F-WZGG making a VERY short field landing, arriving at Cotswold Airport (EGBP).

A350-XWB MSN002 Extreme Climatic Testing

First “Passengers” fly the Airbus A350-XWB on a long range test

On 2 June  the first of two Early Long Flights (ELFs) that carried Airbus employee passengers and airline cabin crew.  Using the no. 2 A350 XWB development aircraft (MSN002), the flight provided a realistic evaluation in typical operating conditions, including passengers' use of the in-flight entertainment system, food service and boarding.  It was performed as a round-trip from Airbus' Toulouse-Blagnac headquarters airport, covering some 6,800 km. while overflying France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the UK, before returning to Toulouse.

Great close up of Airbus A350-XWB take off

Beautiful Take off at ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 

A350 XWB testing - MSN2 and MSN4

A350-XWB Cold Weather testing in Iqaluit, Canada

A350-XWB Cold Weather testing in Iqaluit, Canada

Assembly of Airbus A350 XWB Videos

Airbus's first flyable A350 XWB test aircraft has rolled out of the main assembly building in Toulouse and into a testing hangar.

Trent XWB Engine For The Airbus A350 XWB

First Flyable A350 MSN-001


Image Source Airbus

The first flyable Airbus A350-XWB call sign MSN-001 was moved into the indoor ground testing station.  Its a big day for the Airbus A350.

Airbus A350XWB Promo Video from Airbus

Airbus has started joining the first 21 m long front fuselage section for the A350 XWB

Airbus has started joining the first 21 m long front fuselage section for the A350 XWB.  This phase will continue over the coming weeks, and once completed, the front fuselage will be transported to the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line in Toulouse. It will be the first major section of the A350 XWB to enter the final assembly line.

The front fuselage is destined for the A350 XWB static test airframe – the first A350 XWB to be assembled. It will be followed closely by the first 'flyable' airframe for MSN1, one of the five flight test aircraft Airbus will build.

The static airframe is used solely for ground tests to demonstrate the aircraft’s ability to sustain certification loads and provide key data ahead of the first flight in 2013.